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Antibiotic Resistance: A Hands On Solution

Antimicrobial resistance has gained notoriety as one of the most pressing public health issues the world faces today. It is occurring everywhere in the world, compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases, as well as undermining many other advances in health and medicine. One of the objectives of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Plan […]

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Dealing with a stinky restroom?

Compact® with ActiveAire™ Tissue Dispenser uses state of the art motion sensing technology to neutralize odor where you need it most – in the stall. — (Brought to you by GP Xpress – Georgia Pacific)

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Comparing Consumer And Commercial Vacuums

  Commercial or consumer? That is the question many building service contractors ponder when deciding on the type of upright vacuum they should purchase to clean their facilities. Unfortunately, cleaning industry consultants say far too many penny-pinching contractors are driving to their closest big-box store to buy vacuums intended for residential cleaning instead of buying […]

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Why is Green Cleaning Important?

Green Cleaning means more than using “green” products. The success of a green cleaning program is dependent on numerous factors. While the selection of sustainable products is important, it will have little effect in the case of an inadequate cleaning regimen that leaves facilities dirty and the health of occupants, visitors and the environment at […]

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Swine Flu Outbreaks Put Spotlight on Hand Hygiene

A number of recent swine flu outbreaks within healthcare premises shows us that, as much as it pains us to admit it, the threat of healthcare acquired infections (HCAIs) is very real. Such incidents must always serve as a reminder that we can never be too careful in applying basic healthcare hygiene procedures. That is […]

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Hand Hygiene Beyond Hand Washing

No matter what the industry, chances are that your company has employees that make a living using their hands. Our hands are the connection we make with everything in our everyday lives however; it is one key element that is most likely to be overlooked when it comes to employee health and safety. According to […]

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