Green Supplies

At Barrett Supplies & Equipment, we are committed to providing future generations with a sustainable, healthy world. That’s why we provide a wide variety of “green” cleaning products that are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. These products meet the strict standards set forth by Green Seal® and the United States Green Building Council.

Green cleaning products can provide effective results and can prove to be more cost-effective over the life of the maintenance cycle. They can also reduce sick days among employees and cleaning staff. For clients looking to achieve LEED (Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design) Certification through the United States Green Building Council, green cleaning products are a must. But if LEED Certification isn’t in your future, these products can still provide significant benefits. If you’re interested in “Going Green,” contact Barrett Supplies & Equipment today. We can talk to you about the latest in green supplies and equipment, help you set up staff training programs and put you in touch with cutting-edge manufacturers of green products.


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